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Family Osteopathy offers osteopathy, physiotherapy, and massage therapy services for all ages and states of health. We are located in Port Williams, Nova Scotia.

 Please use our online booking service or contact each therapist directly. More information is available on our "Practitioners" and "Services"pages.

"Do not put your hands on a patient until you first know the anatomy under your fingers, the physiological changes that are taking place, something of the pathology that might be there, and more than all, that a living soul is within"

Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO



Family Osteopathy

963 Highway #358, Suite 4

Port Williams, Nova Scotia

B0P 1T0


Hillary Nette 902-300-3254

Heather Cleveland 902-824-2474

Carrie Abresch 902-329-2639

Marina Rennie 902-300-0253

Julia Manuel 902-398 -0524

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